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About Ashley Park

Ashley Part is a 500 acre farm which has been developed for local and overseas tourists and is ideal for school, social groups and backpackers.

Originally Ashley Park was a stud farm raising Border Leicester - Romney and Coopworth sheep and Angus Cattle, selling up to 1000 rams a year.

In 1991 a new ablution block, with disabled facilities, was built and the recreation room was extended.

The next year two motel units were built overlooking the lake and in 1993 we added a new dining room and a 27-bed dormitory, as well as more animal paddocks and waterfowl aviary with its own stream.

In 1995 extensions were made to the antique shop allowing extra space for toilets and a licensed bar.

In 1996 the rabbit pen and parrot house were constructed and the children’s playground started.

The following year saw the extension of the main house and ensuite facilities were added to the guest room.

In 1980 the antique shop was opened in the house garden and this was the beginning of Ashley Park Tourist Company.

It became apparent that a large number of tourists were interested in shrubs and waterfowl, hence the beginning of developing the park and lake area. At this time a jetty was put in. Twenty bird aviaries and the animal section were developed in 1989.

In 1988 we opened the teashop amongst the antiques and started the camping ground.

We are constantly developing and welcome feedback and comments. Please email us at any time with questions and comments.


SH3, Waitotara, New Zealand (15 mins North of Wanganui)
Ph 06 346 5917, fax 06 346 5861, Email: